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The goal of this lab is to ride in an elevator and analyze the forces acting on you while you ride in the elevator. Some very counterintuitive forces act on you when riding the elevator! A counterintuitive force occurs when what you feel is not the same as the force actually acting on you.

Ride in an elevator. Begin on a high floor and ride down to a lower floor, then back up to a high floor. This experience works best in a high speed elevator, but works even in a low-speed elevator. As the elevator moves up and down, describe how you feel in six different situations.

Describe what you feel in each situation.

Break the situations into three categories.

The ultimate goal is to for each situation, draw a free-body diagram based on how you are moving, and then relate that to how you feel.

Rules for how you feel:
Newton's First and Second Laws

For each of the six situations above in the boxes, complete the following analysis:

Write a one-paragraph final analysis. In the final analysis, describe your trip in the elevator, and relate how your motion (speeding up, slowing down, or moving at a constant speed), connects to your free-body diagram and Newton's First and Second Laws at each portion. Also identify which parts of the elevator write are the most counterintuitive? For most people, forces are counterinuitive when their net force and their velocity act in the opposite directions.