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The tumble buggies are cars that move at a constant velocity (or very close to one). The goal of this lab is to demonstrate that using a mathematical tool that physicists use frequently: the position-time graph.


(If you do not already have not already collected sufficient data for this analysis during Car Lab 1.)

  1. Set a metronome to 120 bpm (one beat = 0.5 s)**.
  2. Measure the distance that the tumble buggie moves between a certain number of clicks**.
  3. Ensure that your data is measured in SI units of meters and seconds.
  4. Compile your data into a table. Complete the requirements of a report given below.

**If you already have taken at least six distance and time measurements of the tumble buggie in a previous investigation, you can use your previous data and skip steps 1 - 2.


Your lab report should include the following pieces: